Are not included in these terms of shipments, orders put on hold following the inspection by the FIA-Net company and require a more thorough check before validation.

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During the sales deadlines are 10 days maximum.

Take into account that the company modatoi can not be liable for delays in delivery of mail that can be due either to a period of high activity (during the end of year) or because of bad weather (snow ... ).

Post drops the package at the address indicated or, if a notice is given to the recipient with the coordinates of the post office where the parcel remove. You then have a period of few consecutive days to recover. Beyond this period, the parcel is returned to us.

For Switzerland and overseas territories customs fees are paid directly to customs. The customer agrees to pay all taxes due to the importation of products, customs duty, value added tax and other taxes under the laws of the country receipt of order.

The MODATOI company can not be held responsible for delays in delivery of parcels.

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